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posted 05/30/2015

Here is a short overview how my shop works.

All things in my Casper Vendors are for Builders means full perm with License, except the Casper Vendors in my Consumer Shop and in front of it on the  white tiles.

In the same areas are the hunts: Consumer hunts with different permissions only in the white tiles area and the Consumer Shop, full permission hunts in the rest of the area.

Shop Info Board & MM Board full perm for Creators & Designer

Here is the full perm side of my Info board with the MM Board for Builders and Creators. All hunts and events on this side are for Builders & Creators.

Lets now follow clock wise.

Around the clock 01

Around the clock 02

Around the clock 03

Around the clock 04 CoLab

This is the CoLab stage with my NEW Releases every two weeks. Each  full perm Kit only 60 L$.

Around the clock 05

upstairs are the Christmas & Winter Vendors.

Shop Info Board Consumer different permission hunts & sale events

This is the other side of my Info Board. Here are hunts & events for Consumer (means for items with different permissions than full perm).

Turn around and you can see my Consumer Shop Area.

Consumer Shop Area

Please be patient with me. All Items bought in the meanwhile on Marketplace from my Elica Account can also be integrated in the Casper Vendors for a Redelievery.

Happy Building, Love Elica & Gillean